Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Senate Introduces Omnibus Appropriations Bill

Today, the Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Daniel Inouye (D-HI) introduced the Omnibus Appropriations bill, which totals $1.1 billion. The Omnibus bill includes $5.7 billion for the Pell Grant shortfall, all appropriations bills for FY2011, and earmarks. Chair Inouye noted that he believes he has the 60 votes necessary to get cloture and pass the bill. If the Senate passes the Omnibus bill, the House is expected to move and pass the bill as well. Earlier this month, the House passed a year-long continuing resolution but was looking to the Senate to finalize action on the Omnibus bill. Congress needs to pass the Omnibus bill before December 18th, because that is when the current continuing resolution is set to expire.

The Omnibus bill can be viewed here.

The Senate is continuing to work on the tax-cut extenders bill, which incorporates the agreement between the Administration and Senate Republicans. The Senate voted 83-15 for cloture to move to consider the bill. When the Senate completes this action, the bill will be sent to the House for consideration. With a full legislative calendar, the Senate is expected to be in session next week. The Senate is also expected to vote on cloture on the House-passed DREAM Act this week.

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