Saturday, October 23, 2010

2010 ACCT Congress: Incoming ACCT Chair Outlines Key Partnerships, Priorities

As the 2010 ACCT Congress in Toronto drew to a close, incoming ACCT Chair Peter E. Sercer Sr. stressed the importance of “game-changing” partnerships and initiatives that bring community colleges, philanthropies, and industry together to “reinvent the economic and social compact that will lift our nation to greater heights.”

Touching on the ACCT Board of Directors’ Access for Success initiative, the new Chair stressed the importance of initiatives that will help “shift us from enrollment driven policies to a policy of access with student success,” said Sercer, a trustee at Midlands Technical College in South Carolina. “We have worked to create partnerships and programs with this vision in mind and are well on our way to strengthening accountability and student success through governance.”

Sercer detailed five key ACCT initiatives currently underway in partnership with a range of corporate and philanthropic partners -- the Voluntary Framework of Accountability, the Governance Institute on Student Success, the association’s new partnership with Single Stop USA, an organization that provides community-based financial and legal services and counseling, 10,000 Small Businesses, a Goldman Sachs initiative that helps foster entrepreneurial skills, and the first-ever Summit on Completion, held immediately preceding the Congress.

“All five of these major initiatives are game changers that will help equip trustees with the tools and strategies they need to transform their schools and communities,” Sercer said, adding that he will seek additional strategic partnerships during his tenure as ACCT chair. Establishing accountability policies for the ACCT Board of Directors, strengthening the State Coordinators Network, and improving communications and accessibility are among Sercer’s other goals during the upcoming year.

“Together we will help redefine community colleges as the colleges of first choice and continue to emphasize... that community colleges are among our most important education institutions,” Sercer said.

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